Resistance, resistances?

The word “resistance” has a very strong presence for what concerns the study of political contention – especially outside Northern America and Europe – as a form of contentious politics of the weak, the poor, or the deprived. From Paul Routledge’s Terrains of resistance to Michel De Certeau’s tactics of resistance, passing by virtually every research led to … More Resistance, resistances?

Into space

Looking for concept The study of my topic (the forms of engagement related to space in the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon) always raises a lot of questions. What do I mean by “engagement”, what is life like in these refugee camps… and mostly, one that I have always failed to answer plainly: What the … More Into space

Religion, Sociology and Politics: “la fin des haricots”?

Note by Alex: This article was sent to me by my good friend Guillaume, who wished to take part to this adventure of blog and politics. I have not modified a single word, but the pictures are my own addition. For English speaking readers, “la fin des haricots” is both meaning “the last straw” and … More Religion, Sociology and Politics: “la fin des haricots”?