The end.

This is the end of a blog. Over the coming weeks, this blog will disappear. There are two main reasons for that:

First of all, there is a certain frustration of not being able on this blog to go as deep as I wanted in academic topics or topics which directly touch my research. Because the blog has “spread” a little too much I have tried to reconciliate my academic interests with a general way of talking about them. This means that the blog tends to be a little too complex for non-academics, and too basic for academics.

Second, I have started writing about topics which came to my mind, although non-related to the core aim of this blog, and also writing in French. I am very proud of these posts but feel they are a little out of place on this platform.

Therefore the blog has become a little chaotic and wobbly, which causes me great sorrow. I cannot allocate time to translate everything in two languages, and I cannot simply stop writing about things I care about. For this reason, the blog will split in two, more appropriate, platforms:

  • The new version of The Cobble And The Frame has been online on for about a month now, and already has quite a lot of content, some of which was already here. It is an entirely English-speaking academic platform, centred on stuff relevant for my work, particularly the relation between geography and social movement studies.
  • A second, entirely disorderly and French-speaking blog, called Steak & Ale Kneffeh (because I’m very bad at titles) is currently hosted on Mediapart. It will keep on talking about diverse and unrelated shenanigans, more or less connected to social sciences, England, France and the Middle East, but it will mostly serve as a dumpster of everything I kind of want out there but do not know where to put.

I hope you will have a fun time on both of these blogs, which in any case remain aimed at explaining, and therefore are I believe approachable by everyone. The posts already on this platform will of course remain.



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