The cobble and the frame

That’s it, yet another blog. To talk about what, that is still very much unclear. The need for the  blog has come from several remarks I have come to make to myself. First there is a fair share of “unfitting” in the various interests I have developed: research in social sciences is quite hard to fit with photography, cinema or comic books. If you add to this the fact that research is in itself something split up among disciplines, fields, trends and paradigms, and the fact that the brain of a PhD student must look much more like a tangled puzzle assembled with a hammer by a blind person, you arrive to something not very clear.


Therefore, the blog. A good occasion to just thrown ideas, remarks, feelings. A good occasion to formalise your thought, as well: if you try to explain something to someone, it forces to be clear. And since I cannot just go and talk sociology to people who just don’t care is a good incentive to creating a specific platform.


So, as most of the blog creators say, I still don’t know exactly where I’m going with that. That could be what makes it interesting.


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